John Wehbe , DMD, DDS

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General Dentist Middleboro Family Dental Home 1 Rock St Middleboro MA USA Work Phone: 7816323336 Website:
Specialty: General Dentistry
Professional Interests: Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Implants
Other Professional Activities/Affiliations: Member of ICOI for Implantology, Member of AACD for Cosmetic Dentistry
Personal Interests: Soccer, Bicycling, outdoor activities
City & Country of Origin: Homs, Syria
Medical/Dental School: Boston University School of Dentistry
Significant Other/Children: Married to Tami Wehbe, Father of Isabella and Olivia

Wael Youseff

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DMD, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Home 172 E.Main st Northborough MA USA Work Phone: 508-393-1223 Cell Phone: 440-781-7111 Website:
Specialty: TMJ Surgery / Dental Implants
Other Professional Activities/Affiliations: Serving at the Mass Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
Significant Other/Children: Children: Liliana Youseff

Abdulmasih Zarif

Photo of Abdulmasih Zarif
Chief section general and trauma surgery at St Mary’s hospital Waterbury Ct, Yale University School of Medicine Work 16 Merrill St Waterbury CT 06708 Work Phone: 203-565-7826
Specialty: General Surgery
Professional Interests: Robotic surgery
Personal Interests: Middle East and greater Syria history
City & Country of Origin: Hama, Syria
Medical/Dental School: Damascus University
Significant Other/Children: Significant other: Rawd Farah Zarif Children: Joseph Adam & Michael

Elias Zavaro

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DMD Home 333 Washington St Ste 341 Boston MA USA Work Phone: 617-523-5151
Specialty: Cosmetic Dentistry
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