Active Member is open to physician and non-physician members of allied specialties such as research scientists who satisfy the following:

  • Have a practice of 50% or more of one of any of the above specialties
  • Attend at least one I.M.S. annual meetings or workshop once every three consecutive years.
  • Those that complete all requirements are eligible and required to apply for Fellow Membership at the end of the 3-year Active member term.
  • Failure to complete these requirements during the 3-year term may require reapplication to Active Membership.
  • Active members qualify for 50% discount on the next year’s registration to the I.M.S annual meeting
  • Active members may qualify for mini-traveling fellowship support
  • Active Members qualify for certain Committees such as:
    • Membership committee
    • IMS-Industry liaison committee
    • Media-Promotion committee


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